List of Orthodontists in Pleasanton, CA that can get you or your child metal braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign®. Find an Orthodontic practitioner and get that perfect smile.

Amador Dental & Orthodontic
5000 Pleasanton Ave
Pleasanton, CA - 94566
(925) 484-4406 Website
Schlicher Orthodontics
1472 Cedarwood Ln
Pleasanton, CA - 94566
(888) 906-7144
Pleasanton Ridge Dental Group and Orthodontics
6766 Bernal Ave
Pleasanton, CA - 94566
(925) 461-3100 Website
NV Orthodontics
1400 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton, CA - 94566
(925) 426-5600 Website
Phelps & Cohen Orthodontics
4430 Willow Rd
Pleasanton, CA - 94588
(925) 730-2990 Website
Apple Pediatric Dental And Orthodontic
55 W Angela St
Pleasanton, CA - 94566
(925) 425-0963 Website
Sanders Orthodontic Lab
5653 Stoneridge Dr
Pleasanton, CA - 94588
(925) 251-0019 Website


Other options

Several General Dentists also offer Orthodontic services. Please be sure to check out this page as well. Costs vary, so please contact them for pricing.
For Dentofacial Orthopedics please contact the Orthodontists or your primary care physician.

Orthodontics Practice Owners:

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